On Wednesday 29 April 2020 the residents of Firs House, Woodside, Haringey had to evacuate their homes after a devastating fire in their building.

10 families were directly affected and Fire and water damage means many have not been able to return. They have lost their belongings and their homes. The covid-19 pandemic makes it even harder for them to get life back to normal.

Local people have made generous donations of things to help the residents of Firs House. Many have asked about cash donations and this appeal builds on an initial Go Fund Me online fundraiser set up by Cllr Lucia das Neves and local volunteer Gemma Short.

We have set up this local appeal through Haringey Giving in partnership with Cllr Lucia das Neves, our local partners. All public donations will be released swiftly in order to ensure that these are used to provide timely support to the affected residents.

‘The local solidarity and community action is inspiring,’ said Cllr Lucia das Neves, ‘Please give generously to support the affected families if you are able to do so.’

Haringey Giving will work in partnership with Cllr das Neves and our local partners to distribute funds raised directly to the affected families.