Sports Health Pro Clinic is going virtual and raising funds for the Haringey COVID-19 Appeal

Sports Health Pro Clinic is based in Tottenham Hale, London.

We would like to donate 50% of the class proceeds to Haringey Giving in support of their Together We Can COVID-19 Fund. In the last 4 weeks they have awarded grants to 23 organisations that help some of Haringey's most vulnerable people.

'Sports Health Pro Clinic may be closed but we wanted to find a way to contribute to the community we live and work in at this challenging time' said Elisabeth McGirl, Director of Sports Health Pro Clinic

Fundraising via donations to our virtual classes enables us to support charities like Haringey Giving who are helping the most vulnerable in our Borough.

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Sports Health Pro Clinic Goes Virtual: The Running Edition

Our Osteopath at Sports Health Pro Clinic has developed a 3 part series focusing on running specific mobility and stability. Over 45 minutes you will be guided through exercises to build your control, strength and co-ordination - all vital components of good mobility.

The class timetable:

Week 1 - Foot, Ankle, and Hip Mobility, 21/05/20

Week 2 - Spinal Mechanics and Mobility, 28/05/20

Week 3 - Beyond The Plank - Core Stability, 04/06/20

What is included?

Week 1: Foot, Ankle & Hip Mobility

Are you calves or hamstrings always tight & resistant to your stretching efforts? Maybe you're battling shin splints, knee pain or repetitive niggles. If so, this class is for you!

  • Learn a range of mobility exercises for the foot, ankle and hip that will easily fit into your training schedule.
  • Discover how mobility at the foot, ankle and hip influences running mechanics
  • Identify areas for you to work on & improve your technique over the coming months

This is a live class delivered over Zoom aiming to equip you with the knowledge and tools to look after your body and keep you running!

Who are the classes for?

Mobility work is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you started running last week or if you're a seasoned athlete. Your running will be better for its inclusion in your training schedule.

Mobility work is particularly beneficial if you are:-

  • Sitting for prolonged periods of the day
  • Masters/Older Runner
  • Injury-Prone

What equipment will you need?

This is a lock-down friendly workout so no specialist equipment required. You will just need a chair & a towel

What does the class cost?

We appreciate this is a challenging time for everyone and for this reason we have not set a fixed fee for this series of classes. Please donate as your individual situation allows.

So...are you ready for efficient, injury free running?

Haringey COVID-19 Appeal Urgent help STILL NEEDED for our most vulnerable people and community initiatives Find out more

Booking for this event has now closed.