When three Italian friends came together to brew beer in Tottenham, they did so with a big heart – and lemons. Taking the finest lemons from southern Italy to produce their signature draught limoncello IPA, they spent a decade honing their craft and their range of beers at microbrewery ORA Brewing.  

Brewer adding ingredients.

When the Covid-19 lockdown came, the independent business was hit hard. In fact, like many small businesses, they lost the majority of their trade sales and saw the closure of their popular Tottenham tap room. But the team at Ora did want to stop doing the thing they loved. They carried on brewing beer and pledged togive 10% of their takings to Haringey Giving to support their local community. 

“As a small company ourselves, we feel that we have to do something,” says Ora Brewing founder Daniele Costa Zaccarelli. “Every time we go around on our deliveries in Tottenham, we see that there's a lot of people that need support. The food bank is flooded by requests. We want to help, even in a small way. 

Costa Zaccarelli recognises that being part of community was more than just running a local business. The beer friends completed an online course in e-commerce to skill-up. They recognised that if they could not generate revenue, they could at least continue to raise their profile, connection in the community and brew good will to the brand name.  

ORA Brewing team on stall at event

The team at Haringey Giving is touched that a beer brewer with a range of beers that packs punch in flavour is giving back to community. What heroes! Might be time to try out a balsamic beer, watermelon granita or blueberry vanilla smoothie stout? And the bonus of giving 10% to charityWe’ll drink to that!

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Here at Haringey Giving, we love to hear how other local businesses and communities are doing. Are you transforming, repositioning or struggling to stay afloat? What is the impact of COVID 19 on you and the communities and clients you serve? What can we and the community do to help you through this crisis?  Email us here.

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