What can you offer to local people and communities who want to take action and make improvements?

In all parts of our diverse borough there are issues and things that local people may want to change or improve. Haringey Giving is here to help them on their journey by harnessing to time, skills, talents and in kind support.

How can corporates give time, skills and talents to help people take action?

  • Skills and knowledge sharing, providing people and organisations with timely and appropriate support.
  • Pro bono expertise that would otherwise be out of the reach of local residents or communities.
  • Offering spaces where people can meet, or share a desk for their project or group.
  • Themed engagement, for example around supporting a particular cause or running a workshop
  • Employee volunteering, giving your staff time to volunteer for a local good cause
  • For event organizers and venues, giving a venue or some publicity for a local good cause.

By supporting local residents to take action, you can raise your profile in the community

There are well over 1,000 not-for-profit community groups and charities providing vital support people in Haringey. We are working with local people, not-for-profit groups and corporates to help build their capacity and enable them to provide additional support through the giving of time, talents and funding.

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