Are you a business in Haringey?

We are asking all Haringey businesses to consider how you can support Haringey Giving Week this year. Between 30 November to 6 December your support is needed to help our borough’s most vulnerable residents during 2022.

Haringey Giving Week is your big chance to help us tackle inequality and support those in need in Haringey. The money you give goes straight to the people who need it most: children and young people, residents experiencing isolation, ill health, poverty and violence.

This Christmas, there are many ways you can help us tackle inequality and provide support for those in need during the tough year ahead.

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How can you help?

  • Can you put up a poster and actively encourage your customers to make a donation?
  • Can you give a percentage of your profits during the week?
  • Encourage employees to make a donation or fundraise through our website
  • Ask your suppliers and business partners if they can make a donation and support Haringey Giving Week

We fully appreciate that many businesses are also facing huge challenges during this unprecedented disruption to economic activity.

Any support from your organisation will be widely recognized and promoted across our extensive media channels and networks, unless anonymity is preferred.

To arrange a time to meet and discuss a match funding donation or any other type of assistance, please Colin Bowen, Director of Haringey Giving directly on 030 3866 1064.

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