We welcome opportunities to to work with public sector agencies to support the efforts of local residents and communities.

The priorities of Haringey Giving are informed by data and insight captured through extensive engagement with residents, community and voluntary sector organisations and public services in the borough of Haringey. Our themes are aligned with the priorities of public service agencies and their service areas.

We aim to enable people living in Haringey to take action on what matters to them and provide support through the giving of time, skills, funding and in-kind support.

Our asset-based approach works alongside residents and communities, building on their individual and collective strengths via trusted local community and voluntary sector support providers.

Our grant programmes are designed to enable individual and collective action to make improvements to people's lives and local communities across Haringey.

We value the dialogue and engagement we have with commissioners of local public services in establishing Haringey Giving and welcome ideas and proposals from our partners around:

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