Join our small and agile team! We need people who would like to share their time and talents to support to enable local people and communities take action and make improvements to the things that matter to them.

There are lots of benefits to volunteering with Haringey Giving, here are just a few:

  • help local people and communities overcome challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • contribute to the community and making improvements in your area
  • meeting new people and making friends
  • trying something new
  • gaining confidence, experience and new skills
  • having fun!

Haringey Giving Week volunteering opportunities

  • Put up a poster
  • Raising funds for Haringey Giving Week - just name your challenge, set your target and off you go!
  • Help us spread the word by telling people you know about the opportunity to give local and sharing information widely on social media @HaringeyGiving  #HaringeyGivingWeek
  • Ask local businesses to put up a poster and actively encourage their customers to donate, and do so themselves if they are able to.
  • Help out at events to encourage people to make a donation.

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