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Haringey Giving Week is your opportunity to help people in Haringey to improve their lives. Find resources, posters and flyers to help spread the word here.


Author: Colin Bowen


Want to do something amazing and make an impact in your community? Help create lasting change for people in Haringey and start your own fundraiser here.



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Are you a business? Do want to give back to the community and raise your profile during Haringey Giving Week? Find out more and get in touch here.


Author: Colin Bowen

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Fundraising events

  • Join us online for the launch of Haringey Giving Week 2023

    12:00-12:30pm, 29th November. Get involved and find out more about how our supporters are helping transform lives in Haringey. Read more

  • Join us in person at the Haringey Community Expo 2023

    Meet our funded projects and see the local impact your support can have. Meet the winners of the Haringey Giving Funded Project of the Year Award. Read more