Changing Lives is the first of our grant schemes. It has been established in order to enable local people to make positive changes in their lives.

About the Changing Lives fund

People experiencing disadvantage within our highly diverse borough may come up against barriers to realising their potential and living fulfilled lives. This programme builds on learning and experience of similar successful micro-grant schemes operating in other localities.

The Changing Lives fund offers a rare and flexible opportunity for local people to engage with not-for-profit organisations to take action at key points on their journey. This could be when starting work or college, moving home, reconnecting with family or friends, recovery from physical or mental illness or substance misuse. It could be used to build their confidence and life skills, improve their wellbeing, learn new skills or access training and employment.

This new funding is an opportunity for trusted community and voluntary organisations who have strong relationships with local people on low incomes to enable them to make change happen and improve their lives. It enables organisations to seize the moment and fund activities, taking measured risks and responding to creative ideas without a bureaucratic delay – harnessing the momentum of a person’s interest or ambition from the point it is expressed.

Awards consist of micro-grants between £10 to £500 which can be accessed quickly and easily by local people experiencing disadvantage to help them get vital and timely support to achieve their aspirations and ambitions. The funding may be used to cover all, or part of the costs associated with a person taking a step towards reaching their goals.

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Changing Lives fund grants of up to £3,000 over two years are devolved to partner organisations who are not-for-profit groups and registered charities to award as micro-grants to individuals on behalf of Haringey Giving and its donors

Which local people are eligible for a micro-grant?

The Changing Lives fund aims to support:

  • People who struggle to access opportunities as a result of being on a low income.
  • Grants are only available to people living in the borough of Haringey.

The programme is aimed at people who are inspired by the opportunity to achieve positive change, who demonstrate commitment and are ready to engage.

How may the grants be used?

Partner organisations control their own budget and are encouraged to use the Changing Lives fund flexibly in order to be responsive to individual needs:

  • Funds may be used flexibly to reflect the range of ambitions that people may have.
  • Awards should follow the needs or preferences of each person, whether or not they relate to the activities or mission of the delivery partner organisation.
  • Awards should help reduce isolation and enable the individual to engage with the wider community.
  • The programme can support people for up to two years.
  • An individual person may be awarded a single grant or multiple grants up to a maximum total of £500 during the two-year period. 

How can I apply to the Changing Lives fund?

  • Applications are currently closed. 
  • We are fundraising in order to support this and our 'Together We Can' grants programmes and welcome donations to support these programmes.

Further information

If you would like more information about the Changing Lives fund or would like to make a donation to the programme, please click below.

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