All donations will support local good causes and enable people to take action on the things that matter to them.

We are continuing to focus our efforts on supporting people and communities who have been impacted most or disproportionately affected by COVID-19, through the recovery phase of the pandemic.

Your donation will be used to support local people and communities our two main grants programes:

Changing Lives fund

Grants of £50 to £500 to enable local people experiencing disadvantage to make positive changes in their lives. This tried and tested approach is already being rolled out to up to 5 local charities who, as partners, have begun to enable individuals to use the fund in a timely way to change their lives for the better.

Together We Can fund

This includes our Together We Can COVID-19 Fund, which has been put in place during the pandemic, to provide rapid support to people and communities affected most by COVID-19. Grants of £500 to £10,000 to enable people and community organisations to work together to take action on the things that matter to them in their areas and communities, and to overcome challenges caused by COVID-19.

Both of the grants schemes will be awarded in line with our priority themes, which have been developed using local insight and data captured from residents, communities and public bodies in Haringey. These are:

  • Children and young people - with reference to community safety
  • Mental health - including social isolation among different groups such as older people
  • Skills and enterprise