We are delighted to announce ten awards from our latest round of Together We Can grants programme, supported by donations from Haringey’s residents and small businesses, and our funding partners Linklaters, LHC Community Benefit Fund, the Orp Foundation, and Robert & Evelyn Lyons totalling £45,000.

Together We Can grants aim to enable local people, community groups and organisations to come together to take action and make improvements on the things that matter to them in their community.

Our three priority areas for funding are:

  • Children and young people with reference to community safety, knife and gun crime
  • Mental health including people experiencing social isolation
  • Skills and enterprise with reference to people living in Haringey who are refugees or from migrant communities.

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The ten awards made in this round demonstrate strength and diversity of community action in Haringey: all have been developed by local people working together to address pressing issues and generously share local knowledge, skills, ideas and capacity.

Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi £4,920

‘Alevi Bridges’ project will deliver 24 themed workshops and events over a period of six moths to support young people, older people, women and the wider community to learn, build confidence and participate in engaging activities. The themes, co-produced by the community, address different issues such as social isolation, health conditions and mental health.

Community Cook Up £3,376

‘Community Lunch’ will during the next five months bring together local people at Eirc Allin Community Centre, Northumberland Park Estate to share freshly made hot lunch each Thursday. Providing a focal point for the week for many people who attend, nutritious food, friendly company and signposting to other activities and support, strengths local offer of mutual aid and provide volunteering opportunities for local people.

Generation Exchange  £4,431

‘Generation Meet, Share, Exchange’ is food and cost of living focused mental health support project based in the Pavilion Café in Bruce Castle Park. A series of Batch Cooking Sessions alternated by mental health support sessions will be happening regularly over the next ten months. The activities aim to reduce social isolation, provide a supportive environment for learning new skills and create a calm and inclusive environment for local people in need of respite from increasing daily challenges and distress.

Sewn Together £5,000

Sewn Together are a voluntary community group made up of women from diverse  grassroots organisation, who use craft, culture, creativity, green & sustainable topics to design, deliver and promote events and activities, share skills and build community networks.  ‘Create Your Lifestyle’ project includes regular visits to green spaces, light exercises,  courses and other activities helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation, access pathways to greater self care, skills transfer and helping towards volunteering, further education, employment or start up enterprise.

Haringey Play Association £5,000

‘Saturday Food bank & Play sessions’ will offer  a 26 weeks long,  free-of-charge, safe and stimulating play space for children of all ages, alongside food donations for their families. Children will be able to enjoy play activities, learn new skills and improve their physical, social, emotional mental, health and well-being. Families from the Northumberland Park area will be additionally supported through Saturday’s opening of the food bank, to respond to increased demand.

Homegrown in Tottenham £3,376

‘Christmas Hampers’ will support about 50 households with a choice of vouchers to help with the most pressing household items and energy bills. Supported by local volunteers who will deliver outreach and logistics, these tokens will help the Homegrown’s network of families and local people during a winter festive season and demonstrate care and mutual support from the local community for the local community. 

Paths Through Change £4,981

‘C.O.A.C Youth Club’ will support children age 7-10 years old who are currently or have recently experiencing  divorce or relationship breakdown in their families. The project will help children during unsettling time, connect them with peers from similar area who share similar experiences and create a regular, reliable physical space to attend, such supporting their mental health and wellbeing. The project has been piloted in Haringey during 2022.

Polish and Eastern European Christian Family Centre £5,000

‘PEEC Support Club’ will be  a new support club where people could come on a regular weekly basis to access mental health support and help to address social isolation. The club will offer a friendly and welcoming space, and a series of coproduced activities and resources to support those in need of mental health support, socialisation and practical advice and signposting.

Sister System £5,000

‘Cost-of-Living Empowerment Programme’ is a six months long resilience building and community safeguarding programme for girls and young women age 13-24 years who are in and/or are leaving care. Based on Sister System’s tried and tested coproduction model, the project creates opportunities for participating girls and young women to develop meaningful relationships of mutual support and care, support their mental health and wellbeing and develop skills.

Wild About Our Woods  £3,915

‘Nature Nurturing Northumberland Park’ will deliver a weekly Friday after school programme  of ‘Forest Fridays’ for children age 5-15 years from the Northumberland Park area and series of 'Adventure Days' in Tottenham Marshes for their families. Children and families will engage in learning, play and social activities and enjoy green open spaces, aiding their health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation and improving their practical outdoor skills.

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Congratulations the successful projects and thanks to our kind donors and supporters for enabling people and communities in Haringey to overcome challenges.

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