Haringey Giving is a new initiative to enable people to give time, talents and funds to good causes, and take action on the things that matter to them

Who can get involved?

Everyone is welcome to be a part of Haringey Giving! We can all play a part and the more local people, businesses and funders who get involved, the more we can really make a difference to people's lives in Haringey.

There are are lots of ways you can help, such as:

  • helping someone overcome a big challenge in their lives
  • coming together with others to take action and make improvements on something that really matters to you where you live
  • giving your time and skills to support Haringey Giving
  • Supporting local good causes and encouraging others to do so
  • setting up and raising funds through your own campaign.

Our partnership

Our new partnership brings together people who live and work in Haringey, local community organisations, businesses, City firms, funders and other partners.

Our Board

Haringey Giving is led by a Board that brings together a diverse set of skills and experience to set the strategic direction for the initiative. There are currently 9 Board members, including two local residents, local and City businesses, a Cabinet Member from Haringey Council and a Trustee from the Bridge Renewal Trust. 

Haringey Giving is currently seeking additional Board members.

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How we are structured

Haringey Giving is set up to enable independent leadership and decision making as an effective and trusted local place based giving scheme.

Organisational Structure Chart

Haringey Giving is hosted by The Bridge Renewal Trust, a registered charity and Haringey Council’s Strategic Partner for the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Our staff

The core staff team includes the full time Director of Haringey Giving, who is accountable to the Board and responsible for ensuring that Haringey Giving delivers activities specified and meets key performance outcomes.

Our part-time Grants Administration Officer administers our grant-making processes, and supports our communications and development of the programme.