People who are arriving in Haringey as refugees need support now. You can help them rebuild their lives in safety here in Haringey.

A group of Afghan children sitting together

The conflict in Afghanistan is shocking and tragic. The UK Government has pledged to resettle 20,000 Afghans in the next 5 years. Many others will be fleeing danger and will be making their own way to find safety.  

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How will my donation help Afghan people resettling in Haringey?

Your donation will help ensure refugees are welcomed and supported in Haringey. Donate today and you could help provide life-changing support for refugees, who have lost everything.

Haringey Giving is working with local partners to ensure that funds raised provide vital support to refugees arriving in Haringey, such as:

  • essentials like food, warm clothes, blankets
  • information, advice and guidance to help people access services
  • mental health support to help people dealing with trauma
  • English language and employment support

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Haringey is supporting a limited number of families through the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy who will be prioritised for this support. In addition, there is significant need beyond this group. Donations also will be used to help people who:

  • have family members who have been unable to leave Afghanistan
  • have already fled the country
  • will be making the difficult journey to the UK without the support of official relocation or resettlement schemes.