This month households received their final payment of the energy support scheme with a typical annual bill rising to £3,000. Despite the price cap on energy falling by £999 from April consumers will still see large bill increases due to the withdrawal of government support.  

This is extremely concerning for families who are continuing to struggle with the soaring costs of mortgages and rents, shopping bills and tax rises. In Haringey, child poverty already stands at 42%, rising to 48% in Tottenham driven by the low job density in the borough and the fact that Haringey has the 2nd largest proportion of people earning below the London Living Wage.  

With many budgets already stretched past the breaking point we are asking our supporters to consider whether they can donate the rebate to help those less fortunate. 

With your support Haringey Giving will continue to address the inequality and deprivation present in our Borough to make our community more resilient in the face of crises. We tackle these issues at their root via supporting innovative, community-focused projects and initiatives.   

Thank you for your kind support