This summer, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our annual fundraising appeal in support of our life-transforming Changing Lives Fund. The campaign runs between 18 and 24 June 2024.

Make a lasting impact here in Haringey and we'll double your donation!

The Changing Lives Fund supports Haringey residents facing adversity by providing small grants to facilitate essential transitions in their lives. These grants enable recipients to overcome challenges and take meaningful steps towards a brighter future. Examples include building confidence, accessing training and employment, improving wellbeing, and overcoming barriers such as digital exclusion or homelessness.

With your support, you’re unlocking potential, igniting dreams and changing futures on our very own doorstep. Join us in supporting our Changing Lives appeal and help make that difference.

Get Involved

Your support means the world to us and is key to our success. With your help, we can reach our goal of raising £10,000 to change even more lives of people on our doorstep in Haringey.

Make a Donation and Twice the Impact!

Every pound you contribute between 18 and 24 June will not only make a difference but will also be matched and doubled by our partners up to £10,000, doubling the impact of your generosity. Together, we have the power to make a real difference.

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Join us in spreading the word

Share the message of our Changing Lives appeal with your friends, family, colleagues, employees and customers so that together, we can touch even more lives. You can follow our socials to help you promote the appeal.

Follow our socials @HaringeyGiving for more updates, and let's make this summer one to remember by giving back and changing lives together!

Do a Fundraiser

Run your own fundraiser or raffle and encourage your friends, colleagues, staff and customers to get involved. You’ll find a range of great fundraising ideas on our website.

Do a fundraiser

Display our appeal poster or leaflets

There's information about the appeal and how to make a donation using the QR code on our posters and leaflets. These are available to download on our website here: