Get ready to make a real impact in Haringey! Join us in supporting the Changing Lives Summer Appeal, where your donation can truly create lasting change.

Imagine helping local people unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives. That's exactly what you'll be doing when you support our Changing Lives Fund. From July 5th-18th, we're counting on your time, talents, and donations to make this appeal a success.

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Since its establishment in 2019, the Changing Lives Fund has awarded funding to 6 Haringey based groups and organizations, in turn supporting over 70 individuals. These funds were particularly timely, helping a range of young people, adults and families through challenging times during the pandemic.The size and scale of micro awards awarded ranged from £25 to enrol in a sports coaching course, to £170 for study books or £300 for driving lessons. The funds enabled some individuals to retrain, access courses, buy equipment and tools and gain new employment at the time when many lost their existing jobs. Whereas others utilized the funding to access counselling or to engage in social activities as a family unit to help support better mental health and wellbeing as well as reduced loneliness. 

Using their expertise, our delivery partners were able to help individuals to decide on the direction of travel and use their micro grant to reach support that worked best for them and their individual circumstances and needs; while also breaking down barriers, reducing isolation, and fostering a stronger community spirit in Haringey.

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 *All donations up to a total of £10,000 will be doubled thanks to the generous support of our corporate partner Linklaters LLP.