Are you a business operating in Haringey?

We are asking businesses operating in Haringey to consider how you could partner with Haringey Giving to enable people experiencing disadvantage to overcome challenges and take action on the things that matter to them.

The cost of living crisis has made it even more difficult for people living in poverty and disadvantage in our borough. We fully appreciate that many businesses are also facing huge challenges during the unprecedented disruption to economic activity, but there are still many ways you may be able to help.

Become a partner of Haringey Giving

Being a partner of Haringey Giving is about increasing opportunity and wellbeing in Haringey by enabling residents to overcome challenges and work with others and take action on the things that matter to them. Haringey Giving is a new initiative and we're already making a big impact. Like buying local, we need everyone to know that giving local can make a huge, and much needed, impact in our community. 

Benefits to your business

There are many benefits to being a partner, including:

  • Easily supporting a range of excellent local community projects
  • Being seen by your customers, and employees as having a positive local impact
  • Realising your corporate social responsibility and social value outcomes
  • Being publicly acknowledged and widely promoted for your support across our extensive media channels and networks, unless anonymity is preferred.
  • Being recognised as part of Haringey’s growing 'give local' business community.

A few things you might be able to do as a partner...

  • Encouraging your customers to give local through Haringey Giving appeals or by rounding up their bills and donating the difference via text or online
  • Enabling your staff to donate, holding a team challenge or setting up your own a fundraiser
  • Putting up a posters and promoting our local appeals and campaigns
  • Donating a percentage of profits to support Haringey Giving
  • Creating a product and donating profits from sales or selling Haringey Giving branded merchandise to raise awareness and generate funds
  • Making a one-off or regular financial or 'in-kind' donation
  • Encouraging businesses you know to partner with us
  • Sharing information about Haringey Giving on social media @HaringeyGiving.

Whatever you'd like to do in partnership with Haringey Giving to support local communities, we'd love to hear from you!

The more local businesses partner with Haringey Giving, the more vital support we can get out to local communities.

Get in touch   Make a donation  Set up a fundraiser

If you prefer to have an informal conversation in the first instance, please call Colin Bowen, Director of Haringey Giving  on 020 3866 1064.

Thank you