Our latest project board meeting, held on 11th November, was a pivotal moment in our ‘Givings Together’ journey as we met for the first time as a full Board.

Our six new members and community leaders, bring to the Board both their expertise as well as direct insight into structural discrimination faced by different communities across London.

Our shared role is to shape the ‘Givings Together’ plan. We will challenge the thinking and approach to date and work together to move the project forward.

Our meeting was facilitated by Naomi from our learning partner, Collaborate CIC who navigated our newly formed group through an ambitious agenda.  Starting with introducing members in a quest to develop relationships across the team, the goals of the meeting were to recap on project aims, develop guiding principles and values and open up a conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion.

Through different formats, including small groups, one to one and as a whole team discussion, we covered a range of topics with the overall aim of developing a safe, trusting and inclusive partnership.

We look forward to sharing information on each of our Board members in due course.