Following our search for a researcher to explore participatory grant making approaches and experiences, the Project Board has appointed Dr Sana Iqbal to work on the Givings Together project.

Dr Sana has recently earned her PhD at the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities at Coventry University and her research has demonstrated the significance of a bottom-up approach to research for empowering traditionally disadvantaged communities. Having previously worked in the academic world, charity sector as well a local authority, she has extensive experience in conducting cross-disciplinary participatory research.

She was motivated to join the Givings Together partners to work on evidence-based research that can improve the socio-economic lives of communities through fostering equity, inclusion and diversity in grant making processes as she firmly believes that community-led grant making can foster power and confidence in local communities, who know exactly what works for them.

Keen to apply her research skills Dr Sana will map the existing landscape of participatory grant-making and synthesise recommendations that would guide future approaches to participatory grant-making aimed at building inclusive communities in the true sense.