We are an independent partnership led by local residents, which works closely with community organisations, local businesses and funders across Haringey. We convene and deliver funding and resources from philanthropists, companies and public sector bodies to increase opportunity and wellbeing in Haringey, by enabling residents to act on issues that matter to them.  

We provide small grants for projects that meet a need identified in the borough by those who know Haringey best – its people and the community organisations working here.  Our key priorities are: 

  • Opening up opportunities for young people 
  • Improving wellbeing and helping people to thrive 
  • Building confidence and skills for better jobs and successful enterprises. 

We are responsive to emerging needs and release funds quickly to successful applicants. We do this through: 

  • Generating funds and in-kind resources  
  • Enabling people to give their time and skills 
  • Crafting mechanisms for agile, responsive and effective grant making  
  • Convening and Capacity building