Haringey Giving has partnered with ITGUYS to provide a free IT assessment for not-for-profit organisations in Haringey.

This quick free survey will only take a few minutes to complete and will provide an overview of how secure your IT systems currently are and how you can improve them.

Complete the survey here

You may also be interested in this guidance for charities from IT Guys on their website

How your organisation's data will be used

Information provided in the survey will be shared with Haringey Giving and ITGUYS, who will only contact you if you wish them to. Data collected will be shared only between ITGUYS and Haringey Giving for the sole purpose of providing feedback on your IT Security and how to improve it.

ITGUYS use Cognito Forms to securely collect and manage your personal information in compliance with GDPR. You can learn more about how ITGUYS protects you personal information in the ITGUYS Privacy Policy.