# Businesses Here For Haringey

Your businesses can change the lives of local people

Your support could help us reach more donors than ever before. For Haringey Giving Week 2022, we are asking businesses operating in Haringey to consider how you could partner with us. Through Haringey Giving Week 2022 we want to enable people more people experiencing disadvantage to overcome challenges and take action on the things that matter to them. 

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There are multiple benefits to partnering with us for Haringey Giving Week:

  • Improving the lives of local people in Haringey
  • Access to volunteering opportunities and being part of a network of supporters in Haringey
  • Increasing brand visibility and being recognized as part of Haringey’s growing 'give local' business community

How to get involved...

  • Encourage customers to give local through Haringey Giving Week or rounding up their bills and donating the difference online
  • Donate a percentage of your profits made during Haringey Giving Week
  • Enable your staff to donate or run your own fundraiser
  • Make introductions to people in your community or other businesses who might want to get involved
  • Put up a poster and promote our campaign
  • Make a one-off or regular donation
  • Follow us on social media (@HaringeyGiving) and share information about opportunities to give local and the positive impact we are making. Remember to use the hashtag. #HaringeyGivingWeek

Maximizing your support through match funding

Maximize your giving and increase the impact of your generosity. Through becoming a match funding donor for our annual Haringey Giving Week you can double your impact and make your donation go further.

Did you know:

  • More people give when their donations are match-funded. 84% of respondents felt that they were more likely to give if matching was offered.*
  • Some donors give more when their donations are match-funded.*
  • Matching can give an extra boost to charities fundraising. Matching can help charities both to engage new supporters and to re-engage less engaged/lapsed supporters.*

*The Big Give ‘Match Funding Report’ 2016

With increased funding we can support more community projects and people to overcome challenges and act on the causes that matter to them most. To find out more about match funding or have a confidential conversation about how you might be able to partner with us please contact us.

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