Donate to a local cause?

If you can spare any funds, there are many local charities and foundations desperate for your support right now. At Haringey Giving, we identify those in need and raise and distribute funds to some of north London’s most worthy charities and community organisations. When you support our campaign, you’re also supporting all of the initiatives we work with. Even if you only have a few pounds to spare, this could go towards feeding a family or providing essentials to vulnerable people isolation. Help us change lives today.

Donate to the Haringey Covid-19 Appeal

Set up a fundraiser?

Were you meant to run the marathon this spring? Or is your birthday coming up? Why not put your energy into fundraising for a good cause. Setting up a fundraising campaign at home is a great way to stay productive and entertained during isolation, and sponsorship from your peers can have a real impact on the local community. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Contribute essential supplies?

Haringey Council is currently seeking donations of essential supplies which local people are struggling to get hold of. Browse the Amazon ‘wishlist’ to purchase the things that people need most and send them directly to the council for distribution.

Know your neighbour?

Not seen the sweet elderly lady who you pass every day on the street for a while? Look out for people who may need support and post on neighbourhood social media sites. If you’re in need of help, discover these sources of support on the Haringey Giving website.

Volunteer in your community?

If you’re been put on furlough at work or simply want to help your neighbours, use your time to volunteer in the local community. With so many excellent organisations needing an extra set of hands at this time, it’s difficult to know where to begin. The Bridge Renewal Trust and Haringey Council are initially collecting the details of anyone who is wanting to volunteer their time and skills to help others in the borough here.

Join a local Covid-19 mutual aid group?

From WhatsApp to Facebook, there are many local support groups you can connect with across your favourite social platforms where you can seek advice, discover local news and find companionship in this difficult time. Don’t be afraid to reach out. We are all in this together!

Buy from local businesses?

With social distancing measures threatening their future, small local businesses need our help now more than ever. Some places selling food, essential supplies and even craft beer are still open for delivery or takeaways, so check out what’s open before placing your order with a large chain. You might just save someone’s livelihood or, in the case of Ora Brewing, raise money for a good cause in the process.

Be kind...

We know it’s tempting to shy away from even making eye contact with strangers right now, but why not instead try maintaining your distance while shooting someone a smile? From the supermarket staff to the bin removal people, this little act might just brighten their day.

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Find out more about the Haringey Covid-19 Appeal