Haringey giving has funded ten local initiatives funded to enable children and young people in Haringey to over come digital exclusion

Thanks to our kind donors to the Haringey Digital Divide Fund, we are delighted to share the news that we have recently funded 10 excellent initiatives to support children and young people experiencing digital exclusion.

We have funded seven specific projects, delivered by grass roots community groups and schools across haringey, including:

Action for Kids £1,512

For two tablets and accessible training on Zoom, Webex and Teams. Action for Kids delivers employability training sessions to young people with disabilities to support them into employment. The addition of two more tablets will allow more of their young people to have digital access while in their office. They will run accessible training on digital skills that will help ensure that young people with learning disabilities are able and confident to take full advantage of opportunities in the digital world.

During their holiday programme, they support young people with communication difficulties, including those who are non-verbal. They have a specialist app they use to aid communication, but only have 1 tablet that is shared between 5 users. Another tablet will enable them to personalise their support and give young people greater choice and control whilst attending their programmes. 

Earlsmead School £2,790

For 10 ipads for teaching teachers and children how to use a greenscreen, as part of Groundswell Arts Story Lab project. Teachers will be able to enhance various topics and themes and children can create their own films. Children will use green screen technology as a common tool in their classroom to tell stories and demonstrate their learning across the curriculum. 

Groundswell Arts £1,500

For 5 ipads that can be distributed to schools participating in their Story Lab project. Over the next two years they are working with five Haringey schools as part of this two year project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The O.K. Foundation £1,500

To provide families on low income with access to online services by supplying them with a computer, laptop, or tablet so that their children can engage in schoolwork, participate in recreational activities and in online activities, like music lessons and other activities run by the Foundation.

The Foundation will also use this funding to ease the pressure on large families with only one digital device in the household, by supplying them with an additional device. The funding will benefit 10 families including up to 25 children/ young people aged 8 to 24-years.

Stroud Green Primary School £1,316

Lab project and use animation and green screen apps alongside art and drama techniques to bring learning alive. These ipads can also be sent home with disadvantaged children if there is another lock down or children need to isolate so they can take part in home learning.

Tiverton Primary School £1,500

For 10 Chromebooks for students who do not have their own digital device or have to share with older siblings. This digital exclusion has had a negative impact on their learning. The children will be supported to use their devices and develop the digital skills to help them with their learning.

You Vs You £1,877

To provide digital skills training for 15 young refugee and asylum seekers. During lockdown they noticed their participants were excluded due to their lack of basic digital skills which resulted in them having low educational attendance.

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We recognise that some children and young people requiring digital access in the borough may not have been identified through their school or college and may not be known to other organisations we fund through the Haringey Digital Divide Fund. 

We therefore retained some funds to allocate as grants to one or more organisations that could address this gap and process requests from and accept referrals for individual children and young people up to the age of 25 in need of a digital device and/or internet access.

We invited organisations currently funded through our Changing Lives micro-grants funding programme to apply. The Changing Lives programme operates in a similar way with a focus on enabling individuals experiencing disadvantage to overcome challenges and make a step-change in their lives.

The three successful organisations were:

Breadline London £4,025

Haringey Shed £6,440

RISE Projects £2,300

Haringey Giving is working closely with our corporate, statutory and community partners to explore ways we can enable people to overcome digital exclusion in our borough. If you are able to do so, please make a regular donation and help us support more vital local initiatives.

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