We are delighted to announce six awards from Haringey Giving’s Together We Can Fund. This is the fourth round of grant funding which has been supported by donations from Haringey’s residents and small businesses as well as our funding partners Linklaters and LHC Community Benefit Fund. 

Haringey Giving’s Together We Can Fund aims to enable local people, community groups and organisations to come together and initiate positive changes to the things that matter to them in their community through a shared sense of purpose. 

Our three priority areas for funding are:

  • Children and Young People, with reference to gun and knife crime. 

  • Mental Health, including social isolation. 

  • Skills and Enterprise, with reference to refugees and migrants. 

Breadline London £5,000 

Breadline London has worked with elderly people at Mosele Community Space to devise an engaging programme of arts and crafts activities, gentle movement Tai-Chi exercise, soothing massage sessions and targeted physical therapies. The programme is designed to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the elderly within a supportive environment that encourages socialisation and reduces loneliness. Importantly, all activities will be delivered in a culturally sensitive manner to respond to and reflect diversity of backgrounds and experiences of those attending.  

Diamonds Sports Association £5,000  

Diamonds Sports Association is set to work with 60 girls, aged 11 to 16, from East Haringey who have been identified by their schools as potentially at risk of knife and gun crime. Over a six-month period, weekly after school netball sessions will run providing an inclusive and supportive environment for the girls to occupy themselves in the critical after-schools hours. The sessions will offer opportunities to engage with positive female role models and the girls will have the opportunity to develop healthy relationships and foster a healthy body image through teamwork. As an added benefit, four girls will also have an opportunity to complete a Level 1 netball coaching qualification equipping them with valuable skills and providing opportunities for a future career in sports.  

Lighthouse £5,000 

Lighthouse is committed to providing support for 37 Jewish Orthodox women aged 18 to 70, who have experienced domestic abuse. Weekly group therapy sessions will include engaging therapeutic recreational activities, such as art, music and outdoor sessions and safety workshops. The programme has been carefully tailored considering specific cultural sensitivities and drawing on insights from lived experiences of the issues within the community. The aim of the support is to strengthen the women’s capacity to work through the issues, to address social isolation and to build solidarity and supportive networks.  

Paths Through Change £5,000 

Paths Through Change will support 12 children, aged 5 to 10, over the course of a yearlong programme delivered via weekly sessions. Their work will guide the children through the challenges associated with divorce or relationship breakdowns within their families by helping them connect with their peers. The focus of activity extends beyond supporting the children’s mental health and wellbeing and creates a safe environment. Structured activities help children to both learn and understand the dynamics of healthy relationships and mitigate the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences.

You Vs You £4,895 

You Vs You will deliver a tailored series of mental health support for 15 girls and young women, aged 11 to 24 years, consisting of a range of weekly group activities and one-to-one support. Developed in collaboration with the participating girls and young women, the programme will be delivered with a culturally sensitive approach and aims to address stigma and challenge mental health taboos 

Silver Circle Project £4,991  

Silver Circle Project is a new partnership, led by a group of Somali women and hosted by Dalmar Heritage and Family Development. The group will work with older Somali people and people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to deliver befriending activity alongside signposting, information and referrals to other services and opportunities to socialise 

The demand for the activities has been established through outreach work with older Somali people in Haringey who have experienced challenges including language barriers, social isolation, loneliness and the far-reaching impacts of poverty and associated health conditions. The project seeks to address these challenges within a welcoming space where people can connect, share and access the support and resources to enhance their wellbeing 

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With thanks to our kind supporters and our corporate partners Linklaters and LHC Community Benefit Fund for their support for the programme.