As technology evolves daily, creating new ways to connect and grow businesses, it also introduces risks. Charities and community groups, like any organisation, are increasingly vulnerable to the downside of technological advancements. Statistics reveal that 43% of data breaches target small businesses, and 24% of charities have fallen victim to cyber-attacks while only 5% use comprehensive cybersecurity software for protection 

Now, more than ever, taking action to defend your organisation is crucial. Robust cybersecurity not only protects your organisation but also opens up different avenues for fundraising as well as improving network efficiency. ITGUYS has developed a brief and user-friendly survey to help identify any existing IT security issues that may pose a risk. Take the survey now to check on your organisation's security and to access free online guidance and fixes. 

Take the survey

The free online resources include the latest guidance for charities from the National Cyber Security Centre, and free information provided by ITGUYS. 

ITGUYS are also organising a free webinar on cybersecurity later this month. Follow the link for more details and to sign up:  

Colin Bowen, Director of Haringey Giving thanks Ben Schneider, Founder and CEO of ITGUYS for giving local.

Ben Schneider, Founder and CEO, ITGUYS said:

'ITGUYS cares about its employees, clients, the local community and the environment. Whilst we are a private business and need to make a profit, we have a strong belief that this must be achieved with respect to people and the world. Partnering with Haringey Giving on this project allows us to advise and alert charities in the borough on how to stay safe in a dangerous digital world.

'Being able to help non-profits assess their IT risks and mitigate them with either free or low-cost solutions fits with our mission to help maximise their use of technology whilst minimising cyber-attacks and understand their responsibilities".

Helen Rayfield, Chair of Haringey Giving said:

'This is a great example of a local business providing valuable free support to help community organisations who may not otherwise find it easy to access this vital information. We are pleased to be partnering with ITGUYS and enabling local groups to stay safer and more secure online.'