Thanks to the generous recent donation from Hays Talent Solutions, we are delighted to announce that we are funding a further 14 community projects supporting over 2,000 vulnerable people from diverse communties.

Food in crates ready to be distributed

'This really means a lot not only because of the very important outcomes it will provide, but also because it improves our sense of community, with care being shown to the issues of the communities we serve.'

Orhan Dil, Director, North London Community House

The second wave of funded projects will provide wide-ranging support, and includes:

4U2 Community Group Sewn Together, £4,916

To cover retrospective costs for delivering 6 weeks of 4 hour weekly online craft workshops and one-to-one assessments to support 39 women from African and Caribbean backgrounds aged between 40-60 local people, including support around training and employment.

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, £4,290

To enable vulnerable local residents to access support in their own languages on financial advice, benefits, Universal Credit applications for previously self-employed people, citizenship, health and support with domestic violence.

Bags of Taste, £4,958

The organisation runs food poverty courses using behavioural change. The funding will cover the cost of running 2 virtual courses of 4 weeks in length, enabling 72 students to complete the courses.

Crop Drop, £4,000

To continue the existing food project for another 3 months and double output to 300 meals per week. The funding will support 600 people, cover the costs of one paid Co-ordinator post, supplies, PPE and packaging and pay for essential repairs and replacement of kitchen equipment.

Green Rooms, £5,000

To provide support towards ongoing costs of providing 12 subsidised rooms for 20 rough sleepers until March 2021. The grant would go towards breakfast costs, the costs of servicing rooms and to help ease some of the strain of the room rate subsidy.

Home Start Haringey, Hackney and Waltham Forest, £3,000

To move their service, which trains local volunteers with parenting experience to support vulnerable parents, from face-to-face to telephone support. The funding will also enable them to provide each of their 57 volunteers with a top-up phone voucher of £50. 52 families will be supported by the project.

Ministerio Camino de Vida, £3,500

To provide food packages for 70 families from the Latin American community, and to purchase video cameras and IT editing equipment (MAC) for disseminating community information via radio and social media.

North London Community House, £4,000

To provide food and essentials, together with a contribution to living costs, over a 10-week period, for 100 vulnerable people from Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot communities who are experiencing financial hardship. 

Old Alone UK, £4980

To support the delivery of IT skills lessons, online dance and theatre activities, to complement their befriending services for 25 Latin American People on low incomes who have very limited English, over a 12-week period. They will also help facilitate their access to key emergency services, while keeping them connected and reassured. 

RISE Projects, £3,300

To provide essential food and supplies for 11 Somali and other BAME families affected by Covid-19 over a 3-month period.

The O K Foundation, £5,000

To support the cost of collecting and distributing food and setting up and running a telephone helpline for 20 people within the Tottenham area, including: homeless people, families on low or no incomes, and young people.

Turkish Cypriot Community Association, £3,951

To continue to provide essential packs of food and provision for 150+ people, a bi-lingual Emergency Line, online Covid-19 support information, and a befriending initiative for housebound older and vulnerable people.

Wise Thoughts, £3,699

To extend their Food and Parcel service for 60 isolated LGBTQI+ and BAME clients until the end of the year, in light of the projected increase in the numbers that are becoming unemployed.

Wood Green Fatih Community Centre, £4,347

To retrospectively funding 3 weeks of their 5-week food programme, providing 100 hot-food packages each day to local residents who are finding difficulty in accessing halal food from other sources.

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